It’s not just Chocolate Milk…

Sealtest dairy creamer and milker

I spotted Sealtest “dairy milker” and “dairy creamer” at a local breakfast place. I have no idea what milker or creamer are, but it doesn’t sound good. 😦

P.S. This is my first time posting using WordPress for BlackBerry. Cool, eh?

Update:  Okay, so WordPress for BlackBerry broke the blog.  Still needs some work, I guess.  I’ve reformatted this post using a real browser.  Anyone out there using WordPress for BlackBerry or iPhone having a better experience?

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6 Responses to It’s not just Chocolate Milk…

  1. K@ says:

    Wow, this it getting worse. Soon they’ll replace all our milk products with modified milk words and ingredients. I can’t support such shady marketing.

  2. Wilma Mol says:

    Have you heard about the non fat creamer? Cream is the butter fat in milk. I think it is very sad that companies that process milk are looking for ways to take a good product and making it into a unhealthy product which doesn’t even contains milk. They are fooling the consumer who is paying way to much for these products that don’t even contain the nutrients wich milk has.

  3. I came across your blog last evening and what I have read so far I absolutely dig- I referenced you in my most recent post and borrowed the creamer picture that you had up…let me know if this is ok with you! 🙂


  4. […] this irrelevant entry for “milker,” though the “milker” label has been around since 2009. “Milkette” seems to be the industry word for a single portion of milk in a little […]

  5. Ll says:

    Are you retarded ? One is cream and the other is milk

    • William says:

      Milk is called “milk”; cream is called “cream”. Calling them “dairy creamer” and “dairy milker” mean enough other substances have been added to them so that they no longer qualify for those descriptions.

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