dreaming of dinosaurs

I had a very strange dream the other night…

It was strange not just because of the odd scenario itself, but also because I almost never remember dreams.  Of all the dreams to remember, why this one?  Anyway, in the dream I was walking along Bloor St. in the middle of the empty road, passing in front of Holt Renfrew, a high-end/luxury retailer of designer apparel and other goods.  Holt’s is known for having elaborate and unusual displays in their windows.

My sleeping mind had conjured a window full of cardboard cut-out dinosaurs.   A recent window display at Holt’s featured decapitated mannequins holding their own heads, so it’s not much of a stretch… Perhaps I had the ROM’s dinosaur exhibit on my mind, which just happens to be about a block away from the Holt Renfrew store.  When I turned my attention from the strange window display back toward Bloor St., I realized the dinosaur scene had expanded beyond the window and I was now walking among the two-dimensional dinosaurs.

The city faded away as I looked around at the cardboard dinosaurs and foliage.  The hard asphalt became mud.  I continued to walk.

I kept thinking the dinosaurs were staring at me.  Ridiculous, I thought, they’re made of cardboard.  There was one dinosaur, behind a small bush that caught my attention… it was different somehow.  It had been watching me, apparently; when I realized it was alive, it lunged for me.  I woke up, quite disturbed.

Weird, eh?  I’m not sure why I decided to post that.

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