Change of Scenery!

I’m trying something new!  This blog has been around for a month, and I think there’s plenty of potential here.  I’ve decided to give WordPress a try.  I’m not sure I’m thrilled, as the WordPress system seems to go down from time to time…  Does anyone else use WordPress, or another blogging tool you’d recommend?

My old host Orbit Online is a great place to hang out, but I was concerned the requirement for a registered account was discouraging some people from leaving comments.  So, if you’re reading my blog, I want to hear your opinion.  There’s no point in being a talking head spouting my own worthless undervalued opinions if I don’t get to hear yours too.  So on that note, go leave some comments!

N.B. As an unfortunate side-effect of the transition, comments that were previously left are nolonger available.  Sorry!  The good news is that all of the old posts are back, so if you didn’t leave a comment before because you didn’t want to register for an account, now’s your chance to shine!

One Response to Change of Scenery!

  1. DV says:

    Awesome, you switched! Make sure you nail search terms, though. Welcome to the 21st century Internet!

    PS – I get a 500 error if I leave out my e-mail address.

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