I need a new BlackBerry!

My trusty BlackBerry 8700 is nearly at the end of its useful life. It’s been in service to me for about eight months; sadly the scroll wheel is almost dead. Eight months is a rather disappointing lifespan for a cell phone, don’t you think? But, on the bright side I can look on it as an opportunity to get a new one! But which one should I get? Research in Motion now has a good lineup of products to choose from…

BlackBerry 8700
I already have one of these, so I’d know exactly what I’m getting. The 8700 is an older model now; it’s the only one left that still uses a scroll wheel. I really miss having decent media support, for example. At 134 grams, it’s got considerable bulk and heft. No, I think I’ll try for a newer model.

Rest in peace 8700

BlackBerry Pearl 8100

It’s small, light and slick. At only 91 grams, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is just like carrying a cell phone.

– Built in 1.3 MP camera
– Media player
– Expandable Memory
– Choice of colour! Red or Black

– Suretype keypad with shared keys means it takes longer to compse an e-mail, and it’s easier to make a typographical error.

I’ve already owned a Pearl before. It’s a nice cell phone and is good for occasional text messaging and e-mail, but I do too much e-mail in my current job for a Pearl to suffice.

BlackBerry Pearl 8110
There’s a new BlueBerry on the block. Since the 7290 was discontinued, it just didn’t seem right that there was no BlueBerry in RIM’s product lineup. It’s certainly a nice looking device. It’s got a 2 MP camera and has built-in GPS, which ranks high on the cool scale.

Unfortunately, it’s still in a small form factor with that suretype keypad. No good. I do too much e-mail for that to be practical. Let’s have a look at my real options.

BlackBerry Curve 8310
The BlackBerry Curve is a bit smaller than an 8700, but it uses the newer “Pearl” interface.

– Full QWERTY keypad
– Expandable memory
– Built in 2.0 MP camera
– Built in GPS
– 17% lighter than the 8700 and 8800 at 111 grams

– Smaller than an 8700 means smaller keys. Bigger keys would be better for me.
– Grey is an ugly colour. Fortunately, there’s a hot looking red model on the way!
– No carrying case included in the box – only a sleeve.

BlackBerry 8800
The Pearl has a big brother that’s all grown up. The 8800 is the model coveted by executives. It’s sleek, shiny and looks expensive. It is by far the most expensive BlackBerry currently available.

– Nice chassis
– Built in GPS
– Expandable memory
– All the good media features available to the Pearl
– Larger keys than 8310. Unique key shape might make typing easier than on an 8700.
– Longest battery life (up to 5 hours talk time)

– Chassis looks great when it’s clean, but is a fingerprint magnet.
– No camera
– Quite wide, so it’ll be somewhat awkward to use as a cell phone.
– Has the same heftiness as an 8700 (134 grams)

RIM has provided a handy comparison chart on their website.

So? What do you think?

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