Parenting Classes Should be Mandatory

Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Friday I went to the neighbourhood pub for a well earned drink and a bite to eat to cap off the work week. The entire time I was there, two kids, about five and eight years old, were running around playing, screaming and crying. The older one, a girl, took pleasure in kicking her younger brother’s ass playing video games and loudly taunting him about it. This went on for TWO hours… the entire time I was there.

No one wants to watch or listen to other people’s kids misbehaving. I NEVER would have done anything like that as a kid. My parents had no tolerance for that shit. If my sister or I acted up as those little rotters did last night (we wouldn’t have), we would have been out of there in about three seconds flat. Not only would we get to go home hungry but we would have also been grounded for two weeks. In my day grounded meant whatever enjoyable activity I would have done had I not been grounded would be taken away. TV? Video games? Not a chance. Since eating out was considered a treat, we probably wouldn’t have seen another restaurant for six months after an episode like that.

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