rrrice krispy square…?

I took the GO Train yesterday, a rather uncommon occurrence.   It was just before lunch and I was heading to a meeting in Brampton, where there’s unfortunately  nowhere nearby to get anything to eat.  My options were few, such as:

  • The Second Cup
  • McDonalds
  • Cinnabon
  • mmmuffins

With only a few minutes to spare before my train left, with or without me, I decided to grab a Rice Krispy square at mmmuffins.  I often get Rice Krispy squares from The Second Cup, but the kiosk unfortunately did not have any.

What I didn’t remember, is that mmmuffins’ Rice Krispy squares aren’t exactly similar to the ones that I’m used to.  Second Cup’s are always soft, chewy and just sweet enough, even if a bit small.  For about $2 at mmmuffins, I got a HUGE brick-sized square.  That’s about all it had going for it.  It was rubbery and not sweet enough.  Ew.  I didn’t think it was possible to screw up a Rice Krispy square. 

One bite in, as I was chewing (and chewing…) the slightly sand-flavoured square I remembered something.  Five years ago I had fallen for the same thing!  An innocent Rice Krispy square purchase gone awry.

Lesson learned:  don’t fall for the alure of that giant Rice Krispy square at mmmuffins.  Get a brownie or something from Second Cup instead.  Even one of McDonald’s “baked pies” would have been better.

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