The Face of Which Planet?

It may seem as though I have dropped off the face of the Earth.

My dear friends and readers, I assure you I am still quite alive.  Try to hold your disappointment.

So, what happened to January?  When the holidays ended I had to hit the ground running.. I’ve been *insanely* busy with work ever since, with last week taking the cake.  One of the guys I work with took the week off to use up his carry-over vacation days… guess who gets to cover his stuff when he’s not there?  Yeah.

Meanwhile, my own workload has reached a new peak.  I’ve been working on a big project for many moons and we’re getting ready to launch now.  There are lots of people involved in the project, but it’s become inextricably associated with me.  [I wear many hats on this one] So, guess who’ll take the fall if it doesn’t work out??   Yeah.  My boss likes to remind me of that often.

With all of that stuff going on, I’ve serendipitously found myself in a relationship with a wonderful person.  She’s smart, geeky, sexy and a total sweetheart.  And, she makes me happy.  Given the stresses of work right now, I can only imagine the sorry state I’d be in without her calming influence.  The fact that I’ve become a complete frazzlebrain lately and she’s stuck around only endears her to me more.

So there you have it.  I can’t promise I’ll be around much for the next little while until things settle down at work.  I’ll expect I’ll have to do some travelling and ‘ignite the midnight petroleum‘ (a lot) to get this thing launched.

© 2009

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