This Could Be Earth-Shattering…

I haven’t posted anything in a little while, so I figured I had to make it up with something REALLY BIG

The Frosty™ Dairy Dessert at Wendy’s is now available in vanilla. I know what you’re thinking: <Gasp!> It can’t be true! The Frosty only comes in chocolate! It’s always been chocolate!

You may think I’m exaggerating slightly, but when I broke the news to my friends, that was exactly the reaction I got. One friend refused to believe it was true until we went to a Wendy’s and actually purchased one. The first time I saw evidence of the new vanilla Frosty, I was in shock too. The Frosty is legendary! It’s almost unbelievable.

And that’s not all… Not only can you get a vanilla flavoured Frosty, there are two brand new Frosty products on the menu. Twisted Frosty is Wendy’s version of a McFlurry, which was McDonald’s cheap ripoff of a Dairy Queen Blizzard. You have the option of adding Oreo bits or crushed M&Ms. Wow, that’s original. The other new option is the Frosty Float.

The world has changed.

P.S. Don’t look up the nutrition facts. You’d rather not know.

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