New Years’ Resolution

We’re coming up on Spring, how are your resolutions coming along?  I hope you haven’t forgotton them already!

I tend to come up with resolutions that are easily accomplished. Perhaps I don’t put much faith in the whole resolution thing, or maybe I just can’t be bothered.  My 2007 resolution was to defrost my freezer, and I didn’t get around to that until the summer! Speaking of defrosting, I think I’ll be due again in a couple of months. Damnit!

Determined to do something useful this year, I came up with a seemingly innocuous resolution for 2008.  Althouth it may be simple, this time it’s not a once-a-year thing; it’s got to be sustained indefinitely. Go to the gym? Hah, I know myself  better than that. I opted to start taking a lunch to work. I had grown fond of the company cafeteria, which has a different menu every day; if I didn’t like what they were serving I could always fall back on the Tim Hortons that’s in the building. Sometimes I’d even venture outside to a restaurant or local food court.  Swiss Chalet, Spring Rolls, and the like. Mmmm.

As tasty as eating out every day is, it’s also very expensive and probably none too healthy. I was spending a fortune at Timmies and the caf. So, I opted to start taking my lunch.  I’ve been doing this almost every day now since mid-January, and have been banking that cashI would have otherwise spent on food.  Eating sandwiches every day is starting to get tiresome, but it’s worth it for the huge savings. I’m sure my sandwiches are a lot healthier than some of the things I used to eat at the caf.

So… what were your New Years resolutions? Have you kept them? Abandoned the concept as too much work? Or are you still working on it?

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  1. DV says:

    An alternative is to bring a nuke-able dinner. There are some relatively healthy choices out there. Unfortunately, they tend not to be too filling but some fruit and yogurt can fill that space right up.

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